Meeting with Mr. Yusuf Dönmez at DeruNed b.v. company in Bleiswijk the Netherlands

Meeting with Mr. Yusuf Dönmez, Director of Agrotar Tarim, Hortiland’s exclusive distributor for Turkey at DeruNed b.v. company in Bleiswijk the Netherlands.

Hortiland has been DeruNed’s exclusive distributor of their natural crop Protection products in South East Europe for over a decade now. Products such as Alsa and Savitan have proven to protect the crops very effectively against pathogens, such as thrips spp. and nematodes, by strengthening plants’ natural resistance against those pests.

Agrotar has been succesful with the introduction of Savitan in Turkey over the past 4 years, and is set to add more of DeruNed’s products to their portfolio.