Liquid NPK fertilisers

Product characteristics

● High quality liquid NPK fertilisers
● The basic ingredients are of the highest purity, resulting in a high level of
nutrient content without liquid crystallization
● All types are suitable for foliar application as well as for
fertigation through drip irrigation, even in hydroponic systems.
● Three formulas cover all the necessary nutrient needs of the
plants, during the different growth stages of the crop

FERTI FLEX liquid NPK’s are rich in nutrient content and are based on the highest quality raw materials
available: 100% soluble and with a low sensitivity for caking. The basic materials also have a high,
efficient nutrient content and a neglectable amount of undesired salts like sulphates. The products are
chlorine and sodium free. In case FERTI FLEX contains urea-N (FF 7-7-7 and FF 10-3-3)this urea is
low biuret of the highest quality. The EDTA-chelated trace elements are 100% chelated and therefore
100% available to the plants.