Agrotar Tarim – MAGROTEX 2022 Agricultural Exhibition

Agrotar Tarim, Hortiland’s Exclusive distributor for Turkey, participated in the MAGROTEX 2022 Agricultural Exhibition in Mardin, South Eastern Turkey.

After merging with the Plantas Group in 2019, a company that specializes in the supply of Special Plant Nutrient Agrochemicals and Biological plant protection, Agrotar has made impressive steps forward in terms of product portfolio and Geographic areas covered.

This extensively contributed to the growth in turn-over of Hortiland’s products in Turkey.

Many new products have reached the farmers in recently developed regions such as the Mardin Region, Western Turkey and also the Antalya region.

We wish Mr. Yusuf Doenmez (Director) and his team of Agricultural Engineers(**) good luck with the development of their business!


  • Technical Manager

Mrs. Semra Saydanoğlu Ing. M.Sc.

  • Sales department Manager

Mr. Übey Doenmez Ing.

  • Sales area Manager

Mr. Lüey Doenmez Ing.

  • Logistics department and accounting manager

Mr. Esat Hüseyin Doenmez (Economics)

  • Sales responsible

Mr. Nazım Doenmez Ing.

  • Logistics department responsible

Mr. Onur Zeytun (Economics)