The natural way of growing!


  • Environment
    Nature’s Choice 4-3-3 is a first class organic fertilizer. It is a pure natural product with a high percentage of effective organic matter.
    A 100 % organic pellet that contributes to soil conservation and is extremely suitable for Integrated Agriculture.
    Nature’s Choice reduces the loss of nutrients caused by leaching, which results in higher nutrient efficiency (macro and micro nutrients).
  • Biological activity
    Nature’s Choice improves the biological activity in your soil. This stimulates the production of your crop.
  • Water retaining capacity. The water Retaining Capacity of Nature’s Choice is about 300%. The organic matter in the product improves soil structure
    and enhances capillary rise to the rooting zone.
  • Slow release
    Nature’s Choice acts as a slow-release fertilizer. This results in continuous availability of the required nutrients. Nature’s
    Choice creates a nutrient buffer which reduces nutrient and trace element deficiencies.
  • Easy to apply
    Its pelletized form makes it suitable for all kinds of application. Homogeneous distribution is possible at low labour costs.
    Nature’s Choice is packed in easy to handle 25 kg bags. It does not lose quality in dry storage for several years.
  • Multi purpose
    Nature’s Choice is a 100% natural organic fertilizer that is successfully used worldwide in:
    Fruit growing
    Gardening and landscaping
  • Analytical characteristics of Nature’s Choice 4-3-3
    Dry matter min. 88%
    Organic matter 65%
    N (Nitrogen) 4,0%
    P2O5 (Phosphate) 3,0%
    Κ2O (Potassium) 3,0%
    MgO (Magnesium) 1,0%
    CaO (Calcium) 9,0%
    pH 6,4
    C/N-ratio 9
    The product also contains a large number of trace elements, including Mn, B, Mo, Fe, and Zn.