Geosem Select – construction of new warehouse in Stryama, Plovdiv

Geosem Select finished the construction of their new warehouse in Stryama, Plovdiv region in Bulgaria. Geosem Select, Hortiland’s exclusive importer and distributor for the entire fertiliser and special plant nutrients range, has covered quite some ground since their establishment in 1990. Geosem is well known for their hybrid seeds which are developed and produced, through seed breeding and selection under the supervision of a highly specialized team of seed breeders and agronomists, in greenhouses in the area. They are the market leaders in Bulgaria, Romania and other East European countries with their early tomato hybrids. Geosem has been a strong partner of Hortiland since 1996 and is country-wide well known as a reliable provider of high quality fertilisers for Bulgarian horticultural growers. We look forward to strengthen our ties with Geosem even more and introduce together with them new innovative and ecological plant nutrients, besides the well known products, such as Hortigrow and N-Extra.