Selection of valuable varieties
The following hybrids are available. Ask for our special product leaflet.
  • long greenhouse cucumber (parthenocarpic).
  • Short greenhouse cucumber (parthenocarpic).
  • Long open field cucumber.
  • Short open field cucumber.
Number of seeds per g 28-35 sds
Sowing depth 1,5-2 cm
Optimum germ. Temperature 22-24 ˚C
Seeds per 1.000 m2 1.800 sds
Planting distance 100/150 cm x 50 cm
Plants per 1.000 m2 1.600 plants
Optimum conductivity in soil 0,9-1,2 mS
Optimum pH in soil Measure soil conductivity weekly pH 5,8-6,8
Fruitsetting Best results with the use of vibrators or bumble bees.
Advice Consult our crop specialists for more crop information and fertigation recommendations.