The following hybrids are available.

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  • Early cauliflower hybrid resistant to high temperatures
  • Late cauliflower hybrid resistant to very low temperatures
Number of seeds per g 300-350 sds
Sowing period February-September. Very early sowing in frost free greenhouses from December.
Sowing depth 1-1,5 cm
Germination time 8 days
Optimum germ. Temperature 14 ˚C (minimum 2˚C)
Seeds per 1.000 m2 18-22 g
Planting distance 40/50 cm x 50-80 cm depending of plant size.
Transplanting Latest 30 days after sowing.
Plants per 1.000 m2 2.500-3.300 plants
Optimum conductivity in soil 1-1,2 mS
Optimum pH in soil pH 6,0-6,8
Advice Consult our crop specialists for more crop information and fertigation recommendations.